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Second-Hand Ski Lifts and Ropeways

Working in the industry for several decades, our company has acquired extensive experience in the field of ropeways and ski lifts. Since 1980 we have specialized in the distribution and sale of second-hand lifts and ropeways.

In our company, the chair lifts, gondola lifts and ski tows are checked and tested for their functionality as well as technical condition.
During the procedure of dismantling an existing installation, lift components are photographed and numbered as well as color-coded according to the respective section in order to guarantee perfect reassembly and installation in good working order at the target site.


Immediately after their disassembly, particularly sensitive components, such as electrical systems, engines, sensors, hydraulic installations, gear units, etc., will be brought to our spacious warehouse for professional inspection and proper storage.

Careful storage of the different elements in our warehouse protects them from moisture, and at the same time prevents any contamination of the environment by oiled components.

Upon request, our workshop will replace individual parts subject to wear, and in addition we carry out necessary modifications of ropeway components ourselves or in cooperation with certified partners. Furthermore, we are able to put you in touch with experienced and reliable experts for project planning and installation at home and abroad.

For the most part, we distribute used ropeways and ski lifts built by the best-known ropeway and cable car manufacturers, such as Doppelmayr, Leitner and Poma.

Therefore, we can provide our customers, who have opted to acquire second-hand cable cars or lifts, with original spare parts and wearing components even after the commissioning of their pre-owned systems.

We are perfectly prepared and able to organize the appropriate parts right away – and rule out any mix-up, since we make and store a copy of every single project for a reused ropeway bought and sold by us in our office.
Based on our long-standing experience we are in a position to solve most technical/engineering problems in digital form as well, which helps our customers to save costs and time.

Our unique concept for the reinstallation of second-hand ropeways provides a great way to save resources. This represents another major advantage to multiply the passion and joy we have in carrying out our work!

In addition, we sell second-hand snowmaking machines, snowcats and snow groomers, and recently also different types of cableway gondolas.
Especially the latter are currently in particular demand and very popular. A considerable number of them are sold converted into seatings for Christmas markets, barbecues in the garden, for restaurants and numerous other events.

Please feel free to offer us your used ropeway material, including accessories as spare parts or complete systems, for sale.